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If the company is facing serious threats from trade creditors, landlords, HP or lease creditors or any other creditors, which may serious implications on the company and it is decided at a rescue of the company (through the administration route) can be achieved, it is possible to file a Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator which puts the company into a moratorium (protects the company from actions against them) while this is explored.

In this period, debenture holders with a fixed and floating charge can appoint an administrator if they feel fit.

When an administration order is made by the Court, an administrator is appointed. The administrator will have a good look into the company and may do the following, if appropriate:-

  • Trade the company and market it for sale
  • Trade the company and finish contracts or sell stock to achieve an orderly wind down
  • Have a sale for the Company lined up and sell on the date of appointment
  • Realise the assets of the company and close it.
  • Make an arrangement with the creditors and hand control back to the directors (i.e. put a Company Voluntary Arrangement in place ‘CVA’)

Pre-pack Administration

  • A new company will purchase the assets that it wants from the administrator
  • The new company can be connected by way of key persons
  • These assets may include contracts or WIP and other intellectual property
  • It is likely that certain asset values will be maximised as a result of a new Company continuing with the contracts (such as book debt realisations and retentions)
  • The sale will usually happen on the date of the administration appointment
  • Employees are usually transferred to the new company
  • The new company can acquire the company name from the administrator
  • HP assets/liabilities may be transferred to the new company as part of the sale agreement
  • A pre-pack is useful to promote entrepreneurism and the law has been changed to allow this

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