A qualified, licensed insolvency practitioner with a proven track record in helping businesses across the UK

Revive Business Recovery is a Yorkshire based firm (based in Doncaster) which specialises in providing good solid business recovery and insolvency advice to SME’s across the UK. Although we are in Yorkshire most of the time, we are happy to travel and work across the UK.

We understand that individuals left to deal with a company in financial difficulties will carry a heavy burden and we pride ourselves in relieving this pressure. To do that, we ensure that they are well supported and well informed on all the options and processes open to their company or business.

When giving advice, we will ensure that all angles are covered. This will involve, looking at the position of all stakeholders (i.e. shareholders, directors, employees, bank, to name a few) to ensure that the action minimises the indebtedness to them.

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Meet the Management Team

Our friendly and approachable team are available to support you and your business at all times. We take pride in providing the highest level of commitment and customer service, and we strive to achieve the most positive outcome for all our clients. Meet the Revive team below.

claire from the revive team

Claire Foster Managing Director

Claire has worked in the insolvency profession for over two decades and has worked on a variety of insolvency assignments in many different sectors including football clubs, charities and museums, renewable energy, car manufacturers, hospitality, public houses and even sex toy distributors to name a few.

Claire is a very approachable and helpful person and loves talking about business, whether the company is insolvent or solvent. She has been a licensed insolvency practitioner for over 14 years and has taken in excess of 1,500 appointments. She has helped hundreds of companies and individuals over the last three decades in all industry sectors.

Claire is also a Certified Accountant and likes to keep up with tax matters. She specialises in solvent liquidations and helps shareholders get the most out of their companies when they are closed.

Claire is a Fellowship Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (‘ACCA’) and holds her Insolvency License with the Insolvency Practitioners (‘IPA’) and is a Fellowship Member of R3.

After university, Claire worked in the family business which she attributes to her ability to understand how companies work and the problems that they face. This experience has proved to be very valuable for trading Administrations as she has the ability to trade them if required, with a sense of decorum and empathy. Claire particularly likes to work with family businesses.

Claire is extremely easy to talk to and she will explain everything in a straightforward way that all can understand. If she says she will do something, it will be done. If she says that she can find a solution to a problem, it will be found. She also has an incredible amount of empathy. This is probably why so many people relate to her and feel relieved that she is helping them.

Claire has a degree in applied statistics and loves to make sense and meaning out of numbers. She has been keeping the whole office up to date with the Coronavirus statistics, including her interpretation of them. She also carefully watches the statistics relating to the general economy, so she is ready to help businesses and individuals adapt to any economic changes imposed on them.

In her distant past, she worked at the Monopolies and Mergers Commission working as a research assistant and assisting with their investigations and statistics. Her claim to fame was that she had the pleasure of meeting the late Sir Richard Attenborough whilst carrying out this role.

elizabeth from the revive team

Elizabeth Sapsted Insolvency Manager

Liz joined the team at Revive in April 2015 and now been working in insolvency for over 2 decades.

Liz started her insolvency career straight after graduating from her Business and Finance Degree. Originally working for a top 15 accountancy firm in their London Office she achieved her CPI (Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency), a highly recognised qualification that covers both corporate and personal insolvency, she then moved to a BIG 4 accountancy firm and worked within their Corporate Restructuring department in their Trading Administrations Team. After 8 years in London Liz decided to return to her hometown of Doncaster and worked for a large regional firm in Sheffield for many years.

Liz’s experiences of insolvency is very varied, from large complex trading Administrations to working with individuals to enable them to deal with their personal debt problems, Liz has seen most things and is not phased by anything. Though her time in the industry she has dealt with many different types of businesses in countless different sectors, Liz has seen it all. This experience allows Liz to understand the different options available and the practicalities of these outcomes and believes that this is what makes the job so interesting.

Liz is extremely organised (with three children, she has to be!) and is very practical. She can juggle anything, which makes her well equipped and adaptive to different clients and company requirements.

Liz has a sensitive and understanding nature and strongly believes that our clients deserve a bespoke service which meets their unique requirements, this is what attracted her to Revive.

erika from the revive team

Erika Johnson Administrative Support

Erika is the head of office administration and support here at Revive and she keeps everybody organised. She was new to insolvency when she joined at the beginning of 2015 but likes working in such a diverse industry.

Part of her role includes helping the employees of the companies we are dealing with to ensure that they receive the redundancy and other payments to which they are entitled. Her helpful nature and go get attitude make her extremely effective at getting these claims processed quickly so that these claims are not held up.

Erika also has a good listening ear and has time for people when they just need somebody to talk to.

Prior to working for Revive Erika was working in the Catering industry including travelling the world on Cruise ships and a cocktail waitress – and an expert in wine.

Erika has a passion for Rugby and is the Doncaster Knights Colts Manager, looking after the under 18 lads team. If you can organise them, you can organise anybody! In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts, with Camera in hand and is now a groupie for several local bands and is one of the official photographers at Askern Music Festival.

Erika is a helpful companion to our team and likes to look after us. She’s also pretty good at keeping all the paperwork in order as well as the office.

diane from the revive team

Diane Hill Insolvency Manager

Diane joined the team at Revive in February 2017, bringing with her 32 years insolvency experience. Diane worked in insolvency before the 1986 Insolvency Act came into play – this is something we don’t let her forget at Revive.

After an initial career in a family business, trading in ladies’ fashion, Diane began her insolvency journey with the Official Receiver in Leeds, primarily dealing with bankruptcy and compulsory liquidations.
Diane then moved to the private sector with a top 15 firm, in their regional Leeds office. Here, although still mainly dealing with personal insolvency she also dealt with voluntary liquidations and worked on trading Administrations.

Diane then worked for a smaller boutique insolvency firm, based in Leeds and London, where she dealt with all types of insolvency but remained a personal insolvency specialist.

Diane enjoys the fact that every case is different and brings its own unique scenarios. She has a very practical approach and likes to see “fair play”, but also cares about those who are experiencing difficulties through no fault of their own and does all she can to make the experience bearable.

Diane’s nickname at Revive, is the Queen of Commas, as she is the person we all go to, to have our reports checked. If you think our reports have too many commas, that will be down to Diane.
Diane believes that our clients are entitled to be treated fairly with a plan best suited to their personal requirements and without judgment. The small but experienced team who work closely together and share ideas is what brought her to Revive.

Although Diane is the eldest of the Revive team, her out of work activities show her youthful side. She is often in the pit lane supporting her partner Dave, whilst the European Legends Endurance series races are on.

dave from the revive team

Dave Edmondson Books & Records Support

Dave’s prime responsibility is to collect, sort, log and store Company books and records. If you have any records that are being collected, it will most likely by Dave that you will see.

Dave also deals with any properties that we are responsible for. He will take care of security, do minor repairs, inspections, viewings and generally ensure that they are kept in good order.

Dave also takes care of our Revive office.

Before working at Revive, Dave was a commercial diver (mainly in the North Sea) but retired from this when his daughter was born to look after her.

If you want Dave, ring him on his mobile, as he is always out and about in his black transported van.